Genius Hour Cooking

On Friday March 2nd, 2012, we had another genius hour.  My classmate Jason and I made brownies for a little contest that we were having against a couple of girls.

They made some kind of cupcakes with cookie dough in the middle; they were pretty good. Our brownies tasted pretty good until I tasted the cupcakes, then I knew that we were going to lose.

Photo by mrsdkrebs

Mr. Davis Skype

Yesterday, we skyped Mr. Davis the author of a book called “Don’t know much about History”. It’s basically a book of history for dummies. He told us a lot of information about the presidents and some other history. He told us some stuff about the Revolutionary war, the civil war, and when he went to Gettysburg. He is currently writing a new book called, “Don’t know much about The American Presidents”. You can visit his website here.

Our Barn Quilt

In one of my classes, everybody got in groups and started making barn quilts. In case you didn’t know, a barn quilt is a big piece of wood that you divide up into sections of your own style. You paint the barn quilt any colors you want. So far, our barn quilt is almost done. It may need a few more coats but so far, it looks very good. Here is what our barn quilt looks like.

Week of Blogging index

Last week, we wrote a different blog post everyday. Here is what I all wrote.

Monday Mash-up: The picture of a jacked up corvette. I used be, it is a website to edit pictures. Here is the post.

Tuesday Listicle: 5 ways to drive a car. I quickly thought of 5 ways to drive a car. Here is my post.

Wordless Wednesday: I put a picture of a 1953 ford jubalee tractor on my blog. It’s my dad’s tractor. Here is the post.

Off the cuff Thursday: I wrote about a children’s book that me and my friends are writing and illistrating for a public auction. Here is that post.

Freelance Friday: I wrote a short excerpt from my novel. It is called “The Killing Chicken”. Here is the post.

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment on my blog.

My Novel

This is just a short excerpt from my novel. Enjoy!

He woke up with blood on his hands and satisfaction in his heart. His chicken suit was also covered in blood. Sitting next to him on his night stand was a blood covered knife. He got up took off his chicken suit and washed the blood off with his bare hands. The stench of bleach and sweat filled the room. Then somehow he managed to get down a T.V dinner for breakfast.
He turned on the local news and with a smile on his face, watched the story of the murder of Baily Konz, a teenage girl who was home alone on a Friday night. After her parents went out on the town for the night, a serial killer called the house numerous times saying “chicken” over and over again until finally he crashed through the living room window on top of her stabbed her too many times to count with a knife, slit her throat, and hung her from the tree in the front yard for her parents to see. The police say on the news that they determined this murder is linked to the other murders in the past of wealthy teenagers home alone.

Off the cuff Thursday

In one of our classes, some of my friends and I are writing a children’s book story for a public auction. It is called “The Veggie Friends”. This book is about 5 vegetables who see their gardener watering the garden. When he leaves, they decide to go over by the hose and water the garden themselves. They soon realize that a hose can get out of control very easily. They end up flooding the garden. The other vegetables of the garden are very angry with them. But then they all work together to clean it up. The other vegetables forgive the veggie friends. Then they all live happily ever after. Oh and by the way, the veggie friends’ names are Tom the grouchy tomato, Corny the corn cob, Ricky radish, Karrie the carrot, and Cecillia the celery stick.

5 ways to drive a car

1: You can drive a car very violently and very disruptive. You can drive over the speed limit too.

2: You can drive a car the correct way and drive the speed limit, obey road signs and respect other drivers.

3: You can drive very incorrect and use your feet to steer and your hands to push the pedals.

4: You can drive a car very lazily, you can not use your turn signals, or go slower than the required speed limit making you a danger on the road.

5: You can drive a car very happily, you can be happy when you have to drive for 7,50o miles.

Those are just 5 ways you can drive a car.